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Who are we?

Butsefal Tech Service LLP is a 100% Kazakh engineering, manufacturing and construction company specialized in oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and industrial facility construction projects with Western Management operating in West Kazakhstan.

The name Butsefal is derived from Bucephalus or BucephalasButsefal was the horse of Alexander the Great and one of the most famous horses of antiquity. Aléxandros  was a king (basileus) of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty. A symbol of strength and honor.

We at Butsefal take pride in our ability to seamlessly plan and manage projects, and self-perform the key components that will produce the highest quality results and best value for our customers. Our company was founded on the belief that honest hard work and trust are the foundation of everything we do – from our clients, to our valued employees, to the experienced subcontractors who play a vital role in our success.

The key to a successful construction project is not just a sustainable design with an attractive and functional building as the end product. Construction management is a deliberate and collaborative process, with a team dedicated to its safe and successful completion.

To achieve this, we at Butsefal Tech Service draw on our greatest assets – our people and service. Our team is experienced, as well as purposeful and passionate about making every construction project we tackle a memorable success. The next time you are faced with a complicated renovation or are contemplating a new building, consider allowing Butsefal to become your construction partner.

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Why Butsefal Tech Service?

Butsefal has continued to grow and thrive – constantly pushing the boundaries through innovation and performance while remaining true to our founding principle that the customer always comes first.

Butsefal Tech Service LLP offers turn key solutions to its clients with its experienced partners and has a professional team who manages and performs with success in these operations.

Butsefal is fully licensed to perform EPC contracts for medium size projects and is capable of performing process, design, detailed engineering, manufacturing of equipment, tanks and skids, mechanical construction, Electrical & Instrumentation works and commissioning.

Butsefal has over 15 years experience with Tengiz Chevroil and 9 years with Agip KCO. Following all Kazakh regulations such as GGTN, ROK, OSH as well as all site regulations and HSE requirements.

List of services

We are specialized in

I. Mechanical Erection Works, Static equipment erection (vessel, drums, overhead cranes, stack, package equipment)

  • Installation of equipment to foundation (shimming & Chipping & Grouting & Bolt tight)
  • Platforms, handrail, grating installation, internal parts erection (tray, distributor)
  • Rotary equipment installation (turbine, compressor, generator, pumps)
  • Alignment (motor soft foot check)

II. Steel Fabrication and Erection

III. Heavy Lifting and Heavy Transport

  • Heavy Equipment installation (preparation of lift plans & Method statements)
  • Heavy Equipment Transportation (road survey, engineering, planning to unloading area of cargo)

IV. Facade Installation

V. Air Cooler Installation

VI. Manpower Supply

VII. Preservation works for equipment (turbine, pumps, coolers, static equipment)

VIII. General EPC Projects



Our completed projects include:

Kashagan Main Works TR1/2/3, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Contractor: GATE

2000 tons of structural steel, engineering, procurement, fabrication, painting, fireproofing and installation of pipe racks, buildings, secondary steel, handrail, ladders. 1500 tones of structural steel fabrication and installation.

Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

Contractor: Sinopec и KSS

1740 tones Heating Furnace Erection.

Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Contractor: Isker / Agip KCO

2500 tones structural steel installation.


Where are we?

Butsefal are based in Tengiz rotational village with very substantial plot of land that has enabled us to build a very well equipped service center that is approved by Demag cranes.

We have also developed a 150 man camp, every room at this camp is air conditioned and comes with a flat-screen TV, a fridge and with a food service second to none.

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Butsefal Tech Service Group LLP
Azatlık Street 2, Office 25, Atyrau City
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